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Welcome to the MdotM Demand Side Platform API! The MdotM API allows MdotM advertisers to programmatically:

  • Track conversion events (mobile web, app installs, and post-install activity)
  • Get account history, campaign performance data, and conversion events by DeviceID
  • Get audience statistics (by geo, device, OS)
  • Update campaign parameters (bids, targeting, caps)

How to Promote with MdotM

1. Sign up for an account.

2. Implement Tracking

3. Upload or Send over creative - Creative Specs can be found here.

4. Fund Account - Login using credentials from Step 1 > Click on "Advertisers" > Click on "Add Funds".

MdotM Demand Side Platform API Methods

Install & Post-Install Tracking

Universal Application Tracking - Device ID-based Method, Referrer Method, Fingerprint-based Method, and Click ID based Method for iOS and Android promotion here

Campaign Management

The MdotM API uses a RESTful approach using simple HTTP GET or POST operations for the following campaign management API:

getAccount - Retrieve advertiser real-time balance / credit.
getCampaigns - Retrieve all campaigns and associated campaign data
setCampaign - Modify campaign details
getConversions - Retrieve real-time conversion events.
getAudience - Retrieve audience statistics, by Country, by Device, by Operating System

Authentication credentials are obtained from your MdotM account ("Home" > "Your Account Activity", see "Your Secret Key" at bottom), and are composed of your MdotM email login and your MdotM API Secret key. Both are required to access any API method. API Calls are made in the following form:

Invalid authentication will result in an error code and related description.

Name Description Type Compulsion Example
Your email address
Alphanumeric authentication code

Successful requests made to the MdotM API will return a JSON object with the following attributes:

Name Description Type Compulsion Example
Numeric result code
Human-readable description
Response body
Array, String

Generally, data will be contained in the response object.

The MdotM API limits the number of calls users can make in a given time period. Rate limits for each API call are specified on the applicable API Method page.

Name Description Type Example
Successful request
Invalid API Call
"Invalid API Call - unrecognized call 1"
Missing input parameter: email
"Missing input parameter: email"

Becoming a Publisher with MdotM

Application and Mobile Web developers are able to sell their inventory to MdotM in an automated fashion. We allow this via our client-side SDKs for both iOS and Android, a server-to-server API and our direct deals program. Details for each of these options can be found below. For any questions or technical issues, please contact

MdotM Publisher Client-Side SDKs

MdotM offers easy to integrate iOS and Android SDKs for Application Publishers:

These may be use in conjunction with popular mediation SDKs with adapters. Please contact with questions on your SDK integration today!

MdotM Server to Server API

Add ads from MdotM via our server-to-server API. Send requests to MdotM for ads and MdotM will respond with an appropriate ad.

Publisher Statistics

To retrieve publisher statistics you can use the API URL of the following format (Contact your MdotM account manager for your MDOTM_ACCOUNTID and MDOTM_SECRETKEY):[MDOTM_ACCOUNTID]/[MDOTM_SECRETKEY]

To retrieve data between specific dates. For example, to get data between Aug 1 - Aug 21, alter the URL as such[MDOTM_ACCOUNTID]/[MDOTM_SECRETKEY]/2012-10-01/2012-10-15

Where the start and end date ([start_date] and [end_date]) are in YYYY-MM-DD format.[MDOTM_ACCOUNTID]/[MDOTM_SECRETKEY]/[start_date]/[end_date]


Contact us with any questions or feedback.